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We are experienced game industry professionals, with experience working for studios from small mobile game teams to AAA game teams at large corporations. Gamergenic LLC is a Deleware registered business with presence in Bellevue, Washington, USA and Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR China.

We believe in the Valve model of recruiting. This means we hire in reverse. We do not start with a role and then randomly fill it. Instead, we relentlessly pursue the best industry talent we can find, hiring them anytime we can.

In other words, we prefer to scale our business around an excellent staff as opposed to vice versa. On the occasions we have business needs that we can’t meet internally, we will lean on external help via contract. But we will never sacrifice our beliefs in hiring only the very best.



Our mission is to create games that enrich players' lives. Our passion is thrilling our players in ways that fulfill and enrich life, ways that leave a positive impact. We will never make games that focus on personal violence, such as ‘shooters’.

We put gameplay first, and it is always rich in discovery and learning.

Our games can be viewed as puzzle games, wrapped in the appearance of another genre. Every game mechanic and level we create are designed to be a mental challenge. We emphasize cognition and positivity, making games people can be proud they play.

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Our Expertise

It takes more than an idea, passion, and drive to build a great game.
It also takes skills and know-how that only comes with experience. Also, humor helps.

Game Development

Our core competency. We’ve shipped games at companies like Microsoft and Electronic Arts.

Game Publishing

We have the means and experience to self-publish when this makes sense.

Software Engineering

We’ve been coding since we learned how to from the dinosaurs.

Game Design

It is pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by a grue. If you get this, you’re one of us.

Digital Art

Mostly we outsource this.

PC & Console Games

We’re happy to either make or play these.

Mobile Games

If we have to.


Because we have to.

We support fellow game development professionals.

We release our toolkits via GitHub for free commercial use by all.
Gamergenic funds, supports, and hosts and is a game development community providing resources that connect and educate fellow
game developers, while aspires to connect space flight/simulation professionals, experts,
and enthusiasts on a technical level.

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Fun Facts About Us

Gamergenic may not be the biggest company or oldest company. But srsly, are those really ‘good’ things these days?

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