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How we hire.

Last updated: December 10, 2021


A little bit different

Our hiring model is a little bit different than most other game studios.

How other companies hire

Most companies identify a need and create a job vacancy for a recruiter to fill. Maybe it says “2D Artist”, or “Level Designer”, or “DevOps Engineer”. And then, they hire whomever they can to fit into that box.

Our staff comes first

At Gamergenic we believe in starting from the other direction - our staff. We rigorously pursue top talent. Anytime we idenify talented game developers: we’re hiring.

And then, we adapt our business to our staff. When we need a little extra help, we’ll get it externally. But we will never sacrifice our values of hiring only the best.

Job Openings

Because we’re a bit different, we don’t post job “openings” or “reqs”. When we find an excellent hire we will adapt a new role to our new employee. What if you’re an amazing Animator, but also just love writing code? Great!! Let’s keep you doing that and help you grow to become even awesomer at both :)

We normally identify someone we are interested in hiring and then reach out to them. If you believe you’re super excellent at what you do, feel free reach out to us here.