Spaceflight Toolkit for Unreal Engine 5

Gamergenic is pleased to announce MaxQ: Spaceflight Toolkit for Unreal Engine 5 is now available from the Unreal Engine marketplace.

MaxQ empowers anyone to easily build exciting, authentic spaceflight visualizations or cutting edge space-based gameplay, no programming experience or astronautical engineering degree required to get started. The toolkit solves challenging space flight problems in a real-time visualization environment - opening up new opportunities across an exciting spectrum of applications.

This toolkit is an integration of the very powerful NASA SPICE Toolkit with the amazing real-time experience creation tool Unreal Engine 5.

Gamergenic has made this toolkit available at no cost including commercial usage, under the MIT License.

Additional information may be found at:
MaxQ Spaceflight Toolkit on the Unreal Engine Marketplace
MaxQ GitHub repository
MaxQ Documentation Site
Spaceflight Simulation Developers on Discord