Request for Proposed Solution

Multi-Resolution Upscaled Super Sampling of Terrain/Atmosphere/fluid surfaces

Gamergenic is interested in conducting research towards a goal of synthesizing digital terrain via Upscaled Super Sampling. This project is to be performed by a qualified group under contract.

The purpose of this research is to facilitate development of a cloud-based on-demand terrain generation system. The production system will generate surfaces (triangle meshes for rendering and physics simulations) of arbitrary locations on natural celestial bodies. The results should be plausible and representative of humankind’s best estimates based on existing and future surface/atmospheric survey data for arbitrary celestial bodies.

Description of proposed project


  • Generate 1 meter terrain mesh/heightmap outputs from 10 kilometer resolution inputs
    • Upscaled/Super-Sampled
    • Height maps
    • Submesh “scattering” (Rocks, etc) maps
      • Appearance frequency
      • Physical property distribution maps
        • Sizes, albedos, etc
    • Atmospheric/Surface fluid condition maps
      • Chemical Constituents
      • Physical State maps
      • Temperatures, Pressures, Velocities
  • Trainable at multiple resolutions (10km-10m resolutions inputs -> with outputs to 1m resolutions)
  • Subjective Criteria: Output must be “plausible” to a human observer
    • Resemble actual fine-resolution imagery found at similar coarse-resolution input conditions
  • Adaptable across broad spectrum of celestial body conditions
    • Generalizable to new celestial body examples based on comparisons and training data for existing celestial body models

Highly desireable

  • Generated Datasets representations are compact


  • Technical Document
    • Discussion of prior research in this area
    • Description of research methods applied to formulate solutions
    • Description of selected solution
      • Sufficiently detailed for implmemenation
    • Performance characterization of solution
    • Inventory of training/validation data requirements
    • Demonstrated results/comparisons to validation data
  • Reference Implementation (Matlab, C++, FORTRAN, or other with required input data sets)

The delivered solution will be impemented for production in as a separate project. This impementation will be cloud-based and stream terrain assets to endpoints on demand. As such, solutions featuring compact data representations are highly prefereable.

Application of system in production (for context only)

  • Cloud Based
  • On-demand terrain mesh streaming
  • Streamed submesh density (Scattered “Rock” and other object sides and frequency densitites)
  • Streamed atmospheric/fluid-surface conditions

For more information, please reach out to us directly via email.