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Chuck Noble is an Entrepreneur, Aeronautical Engineer, Software Designer, Video Game Developer, and writer for and

Chuck’s career spans over 20 years as a Game Industry professional, counting 15 years combined at Electronic Arts and Microsoft Game Studios. He has filled varying roles from Software Design Engineer to Director of Technology.

Think up new technologies. Dream up new experiences. Make them work. Find the fun. Build them out. Ship great games and services. That’s what I do. I synergize creativity with technology.

The essence of the role I fill is creative. The execution is technical. The mission is commercial.


As a member of Microsoft’s Advanced Technology Group (ATG) he assisted external developers in pushing the limits of the Xbox Platform. While at Microsoft Game Studios Chuck shipped a number of games (Mass Effect, 1 vs 100 on Xbox Live, Kinect Star Wars, Microsoft Flight, and more.)

At Electronic Arts, Chuck was asked to spin-up the next game in PopCap’s Bejeweled franchise, which successfully launched in 2016 as Bejeweled Stars.

More recently, Chuck served as Director of Technology at a mid-sized Game Studio in Bangkok Thailand 2019-2021. He is currently super busy as the Director of Technology representing Fun Dog Studios - a AAA game studio venture, and Gamergenic - a developer located in Hong Kong SAR/Bellevue WA USA that focuses on Space Flight simulation & gameplay.

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